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J-Rock Spotlight: The Pillows


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The Pillows are an alternative Japanese rock band with a bit of an indie feel. Formed in 1989 they’ve released more than a dozen original studio albums, but are best known internationally for the soundtrack of the anime FLCL. To me the Pillows don’t sound particularly “Japanese”, and they certainly don’t have the sugary sweet and overproduced sound associated with J-Pop.

Unfortunately since their official website is mainly in Japanese so I couldn’t get much out of it. However I did learn that the band’s new album, OOPARTS ,  is scheduled to launch on the 14th of this month. You can listen to samples of the songs online, which would be pretty exciting if it was actually possible to buy it here.

If anyone out there is familiar with The Pillows and knows more about music than I do, which is really not hard, I’m curious about the proper terms to describe their sound. I’d use just one: excellent. Go check them out.

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