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Manga Spotlight: D[di:]

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D[di:] is a multi-talented artist who has worked as a singer, model, novelist, manga artist and illustrator. Her debut work was the comic  Fantastic Silent, which was created while she was still a student of an art college. The project took the form of a one meter long tempera painting, which was subsequently photographed and published in a magazine, a sublime example of traditional fine art turned popular culture.

Since then, D[di:] has established herself as an artist creating  experimental and unconventional work that combines different art forms. In Kigurumi she combined the novel with a manga format, filling all the frames with nothing but text. Similarly, before her debut as a singer, she included a free music CD with her manga Angel Meat Pie. As a mangaka, D[di:] describes the dark side of human nature with fascinating insight, but it is the unusual forms her work takes which really intrigue. This is her official website, blog and amazon shop.

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