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Featured Designer: Simone Legno of Tokidoki

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I love Japanese Pop Art. But I love it even more when other people also get excited about Japan, and start reinterpreting the country’s rich visual heritage into their own personal vision. This is exactly how designer Simone Legno began Tokidoki, creating a whimsical and happy world with a sophisticated and sexy edge.

The story of the brand is any designers dream: Tokidoki began as Simone’s personal website until the founders of Hard Candy offered to invest in the brand in 2003, relocating Simone to Los Angeles in the process. As well as their own toys, apparel and accessories, Tokidoki also does advertising and new media design for various other well-known names including: Hello Kitty, MTV, John Galliano, Toyota, Renault, Microsoft, and  many more. Now Tokidoki is collaborating with the Italian fashion brand Fornarina to create a Tokidoki fashion line that will be distributed throughout Europe.

To me Tokidoki’s success illustrates just how wide the appeal of Japanese style imagery can be, as well as how people can fall in love with characters. Check out the official website here.

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