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Japan Trends: Hime Gyaru

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Hime Gyaru is a new look gaining popularity in Tokyo. Somewhere in between the fashions of Lolita and Gyaru, Hime Gyaru (literally Princess Girls) aim to look a bit like Barbie. The cynic in me can’t help but notice that it’s taken the worst of both looks and combined them: mixing the ridiculous hair and make-up  of the Gyaru with candy-pink and huge bows taken from Lolita fashion.

Unlike most street fashions Hime Gyaru is notoriously expensive; dresses from their signature brand, Jesus Diamante, cost about 50,000 yen each. Girls also spend a lot of time doing thier make-up and hair, often spending two hours just to get ready. Ironically adherents of the look find the large amount of time and effort need to achieve it a large part of the appeal. It helps the girls to really feel like princesses.

Its something anyone whose ever cosplayed can explain: the extreme hair and make-up  is a form of escapism, and creates the sensation of being a different person. And isn’t that what fashion is really all about?

Check out the official Jesus Diamante website.

Note: This post was sparked by the an article in the New York Times Cult of the Living Doll in Tokyo: in which they refer to the look incorrectly as Ageha, the name of a popular Hime Gyaru magazine.

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  1. Posted on March 27, 2010 by Yohtan

    OH MY that’s is a lot of look! O___O I don’t know what to say. I kinda like it but sometimes it is just too much.

  2. Posted on May 16, 2010 by kawaiikiki

    I love himegyaru hair!!!!
    I wore it for prom, and every so often I would ask my friends, “Did my hair fall? Is it still big?”
    I had to keep going into the bathroom to respray my hair >_<
    I also love the style of himegyaru!!!! I think it's super kawaii!

  3. Posted on August 31, 2010 by wes

    I like Shibuya gyaru fashion like with models Yuma and Aina

  4. Posted on March 30, 2013 by Name

    Hime Gyaru style is such a beauuuty ; v;

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