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Punk Yukata from Tsukikageya

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I’ve discussed the kimono revival before, because I always get excited when I see traditional Japanese dress being interpreted in innovative ways. And this is exactly what designer Natsuki Shigeta has done with her brand Tsukikageya. Yukata are light cotton kimono’s usually worn at festivals during the summer months, so they can be worn more casually thanĀ  most kimono which are worn only at formal occasions. It’s this freedom that Tsukikageya designer Natcuki Shigeta has exploited, creating beautiful yukata crafted using traditional method but adorned with contemporary motifs. With designs ranging from animal print, ghosts and pouting lips, and accessories in bright pink, using swarovski crystals and real snake skin, you’re sure to stand out.

But Shigeta isn’t trying to challenge tradition, rather it’s an attempt to keep tradition alive, making it accessible and relevant to a younger generation. It can take a skilled craftsman a week to complete one of the intricate printing screens needed to print one of Shigeta’s designs, but the quality from these traditional methods can’t be matched. It’s this legacy of craftsmanship that Shigeta is trying to preserve.

Check out her official website here.


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