Origami Cupcake

Recent Works by Junko Mizuno

Art, Comics, Anime & Manga, Japan

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I’ve been following Junko Mizuno’s work ever since first being exposed to her work on Japanorama. She’s the queen of the creepy cute or “kawaii noir” and it’s earned her a legion of fans.

These works are from her exhibitions at Gallery  Nucleus including her recent solo exhibition “Flora Delirium”.

Check out her artist page at Gallery Nucleus or visit her official website.

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  1. Posted on February 17, 2011 by anne BLONDIE bengard

    wow i haven’t seen much of this new work yet!
    incredible. she is definitely getting darker and darker not just in subject matter but also with her choice of colour. still love it though! such delicious contradictions of the cute and grotesque.
    thanks for this post!

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