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Studio Shoot (Mirai Version): Day 3

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Edit: This work has been completed.

For my new work Studio Shoot (Mirai Version) I’m giving you a glimpse behind the scenes at the way I work, day by day.
You can check out more of my work in progress here.

Here’s day three: in which I do coloring and other stuff.

Here’s links to each day, if you’re interested in the whole process:
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To begin with I just finished cleaning up the linework.
There wasn’t much to be done, just the hair and a few lines on the clothing, so I was able to finish earlier than I’d expected:

Which left only the face…

I took the rough drawing I’d done yesterday and made it transparent, then drew over it as neatly as I could using the brush:

The lines are still rough though, so I outlined the paths and then edited them directly to get the exact lines I wanted:

Having the lines neat also makes it easier to alter.
Since her eyes looked a bit droopy I angled them in a bit:

Finally made one last tweak, moving the eyes slightly closer together:

Looking at the face with rough shadows and lipstick helps to bring the image to life:

Now that I’m finally satisfied with the line drawing I can go onto the next stage: coloring.

Since this drawing has been inked neatly the easiest way to do it is to duplicate the layer, outline all paths and unite all the linework together. The next step is a bit fiddly. You have to make sure that there are not breaks in any of the lines where the color will bleed out. In this picture the thin line on the skirt was a source of trouble. Once you’re done though you simply direct select any point on the exterior line of your object and delete… To ungroup the pieces simply unite the layer again.

I’m using orange only as a placeholder color:

The next stage is relatively simple, but a bit time-consuming. Basically you’re just clicking on each area and coloring them the right color.
As you color each area you collect the  paths into their own layers. I use select similar to do this quickly.
I label each layer, and use one layer for each color eg. skirt, skirt ribbon etc. (I’ve learnt the hard way that I’d rather have too many layers than too few).
I usually hide the labelled layers as  I work so the only paths I see are the ones in bright orange that still need to be done.

Coloring the skin:

Making progress… coloring the hair:


This is what the color layer looks like without the inked drawing on top:

I realised right at the end of the day that I’d forgotten to add the little “d” logo to the uniform. I’m a sucker for small detail so I need to get it done.
Basically used my reference to make the logo. I then used mesh warp to stretch it to fit the curve of the fabric.

Sorry if any of my steps aren’t clear, I’ve never written a tutorial before, so just tell me if you need anything clarified.
On Monday I’m doing shadows, see you then.

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