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Studio Shoot (Mirai Version): Day 8

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Edit: This work has been completed.

For my new work Studio Shoot (Mirai Version) I’m giving you a glimpse behind the scenes at the way I work, day by day.
You can check out more of my work in progress here.

This is the eighth, and final day… I’ve finally completed the work.

Here’s links to each day, if you’re interested in the whole process:
Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7 and Day 8.

Over thee last seven days I’ve finished all the components for my finished image: background, linework, color, shadows and highlights.
All that’s left is to assemble the completed image, adjusting colors as necessary.

But first I still have some work to do. Even though I’ve already drawn the highlights I need to separate them into groups depending on which surface they’re on. Basically I’m just repeating the same process I used on the shadows. I explained it in depth here.

After getting that out the way I can continue integrating the figure into the background. The background has already been shaded with shadows and highlights so I already have a base to work on.

First up is just adding a simple shadow behind my figure. I merge the linework and the color filling it into one flat shape, coloring it the same soft purple as the background shadows.
The top half goes against a flat wall so I just need to resize is and position it correctly:

Because they’re resting against the ground the shadows from her legs are a bit more tricky.
I use mesh distort and then adjust them till they look okay:

I also adjust the shadows on the bench itself. The highlights in this image are on top of the linework so I duplicate my figure and use minus front to cut the highlights so that they don’t cover the figure:

Here’s the result with color:

Now we can look at what the figure looks like with lighting. Several radial lights in yellow and orange act as a spotlight.
A brown layer set to hew on very low opacity helps to bind the colors into a single palette:

But while the filter makes some colors look good it makes some of the blues a bit muddy.
To correct this I duplicate the layer with the blue bow and the blueish stocking and place the duplicates above the filter.
Then I just adjust the opacity of the layers until they fit in harmoniously with the rest of the image:

Another problem is the radial lights making the highlights too yellow.
To compensate I use my highlights to make a clipping mask over the lights so that the highlights are unaffected.
I also make a bunch of minor adjustments; duplicating layers, adjusting opacity, and making shadows darker and lighter until I’m satisfied:

I’m done!
Well almost… like the rest of the series I crop the image to take a snapshot:

I hope you enjoyed following the progress of this work. This isn’t really a tutorial but if you have any questions feel free to ask. ^^

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