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Happy 4th Birthday Hatsune Miku! Wallpapers

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Some of you might already know that I love Hastune Miku. For those of you unfamiliar with the teal haired songstress she’s a mascot character developed by Crypton Future Media for their virtual singing software Vocaloid.

However Miku has evolved to become much more than that; she really is the first “virtual idol”. Her success has been driven by an active fan community; most of her popular songs were written and produced by fans using the Vocaloid software, not to mention the contribution of artists who continue to create and recreate the Miku persona.

There’s Miku merchandise and even virtual Miku concerts (using 3D projection). Recently advertisements for the Toyota Corolla featuring Hatsume Miku marked her début into the American mainstream, although only time will tell if she’ll be able to garner the same kind of support she’s seen in Japan. Regardless her success has already made her an icon. Happy birthday Miku!

Wallpapers via MikuMix.


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