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Edit: This work has been completed under the name Kitsune.

For my new work I’m giving you a glimpse behind the scenes at the way I work, step by step.
Here’s links if you’re interested in the whole process: Work in Progress OneTwoThreeFourFive and Six.

At this stage I’m doing the rough work. Of course in some ways it should be “Stage 2” because I’ve already done all the conceptual work; planning the work out in sketches and finding reference images.

You can check out more of my work in progress here.

After doing the rough sketch I spend some time playing around with the color.
When I come to a color combination I duplicate the layer to save it before making any changes.

With a more conservative hair color:

Experimenting with the idea of autumn leaves in the background:

This was a mistake. In the course of trying to add a red gradient over the image I accidentally made everything red.
I really like the effect though, and I’ll keep it in mind for the background later.

The previous two images combined:

In the end I think the red was too extreme, so I’ll probably be doing a similar color scheme to Rough Color 2.
But I’ll definitely be working with more complex gradients for the background and the water’s surface.

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