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Onsen: Work In Progress 2

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Edit: This work has been completed under the name Kitsune.

For my new work I’m giving you a glimpse behind the scenes at the way I work, step by step.
Here’s links if you’re interested in the whole process: Work in Progress OneTwoThreeFourFive and Six.

Since I’ve got an idea of what I want from the rough color work I can get started on the background.

The basic plan is to use gradients to make out trees and leaves, using different shades of green.
Begin by drawing the trees:

This is what I’m going for, blobs and swirls with gradients adding depth:

Go crazy making leaves and patterns with the brush and blob brush tools.
These are all done in different filler colors to keep them separate:

The result combined with the trees:

Added a gradient in the background and replaced the filler colors with gradients.
Also decided I didn’t want the trees to stand out too much, so I made them a shade of dark green:

But the image lacked contrast so I added another gradient on top to make the bottom of the image darker.
It also makes the tress fade away a bit more:

Still not 100% satisfied. Looking at the rough image I can see that the background should be a lot lighter.
I’ll work on it later once I’ve colored the rest of the image to balance the colors.

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