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Onsen: Work in Progress 4

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Edit: This work has been completed under the name Kitsune.

For my new work I’m giving you a glimpse behind the scenes at the way I work, step by step.
Here’s links if you’re interested in the whole process: Work in Progress OneTwoThreeFourFive and Six.

At this stage I’m adding the basic color.

You can check out more of my work in progress here.

So after doing the linework it’s easy to use it as a guide for adding the basic color. Essentially you’re turning the linework inside out, by swapping the negative and positive space.

After making a duplicate of your linework and you need to turn it into a single compound path. Begin by outlining your strokes, then use unite to merge the different shape paths together, and then finally make compound path.

Now because my background is an open area I need to make another shape path, a rectangle, going around the entire artboard to close it off. I place the linework path on top of the rectangle and use minus front to get my negative image. Right now it’ll still be a single compound path, but clicking unite or expand will seperate into seperate shape paths.

The next step is organize the shape paths into individually colored objects by changing their colors and grouping them with labels that make sense. While this is pretty simple a break in the lines can cause different objects to bleed together. To fix this simply draw a path with no fill or stroke where you want to separate the objects and use divide.

Here’s the work in the process of coloring, I use filler colors to keep everything organised:

I repeat the same process with the other layers, coloring my figure and the mist:

After I’m done I change the filler colors to something a little easier on the eyes:

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