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New Artwork: Kitsune

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New artwork in my portfolio.

“In Japanese myth foxes who live long lives can acquire supernatural powers. Over time they grow extra tails, until they have nine.
These fox spirits are tricksters, who might pocess young women.
They also have the ability to appear human, and there are stories of men you have fallen in love and even married foxes only to realize later that they were deceived.”

You can see some close-ups and images of the work in progress on the same page.

This work took about a month and a half to complete.

Here’s an in depth look at the making of this work: Work in Progress OneTwoThreeFourFive and Six.

Any comments are welcome.

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  1. Posted on November 12, 2011 by Lisle

    That’s amazing, Katie. I love it! Enjoyed seeing the close up “snippets” from your older works, too.

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