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Edit: This work has been completed.

After finishing Kitsune, I decided to continue the supernatural theme with another work based on traditional Japanese ghost stories. My original idea was to draw a kappa lady, but this was changed to the ghost of a drowned woman instead. The scene is that the drowned woman in trying to drag a girl into the river.

One of the things I wanted to do with this work was to challenge myself to create an exciting composition .
In this I can say I failed. In the end I used my initial sketches of a simple side view.
But before resigning myself to my lack of creativity I did a lot of rough drawings from different angles.

Somehow in this image I mixed a side view for the ghost with a view from above the girl:

This became a kind of twisted pose:

I eventually gave up and went with the side view.
I begin the drawing by tracing out my reference pics:

Then I slowly change them into their respective characters:

Adding the rough background:

After I’m relatively happy with the rough sketch I redraw it neatly using the Paintbrush Tool. 
Doing this allows me to easily change my lines’ position and width.

Final adjustments are done by using outline stroke and then manipulating anchor points directly.
In particular the faces get a lot of fine adjustment:


The screaming girl’s face was quite challenging.
My initial images were based on reference images:

But the expression seemed wooden, and it even though the reference I had was of a woman, she looked very masculine.
These later images were actually based on images from manga of a cute girl yelling:


At this stage the figures are done, but the background is still a mess:

The final inked work:

Check out my next post in which I color the linework and finish the illustration.

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