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Doll Portraits: The Work of Emma Mount

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Annie: The SweetheartBlythe White
Riiko: The VivaciousValentine: The Celestine

Emma Mount‘s portraits of Blythe and Pullip dolls, walk the line between cute and scary. With bobble heads and big eyes, these dolls are definitely a matter of love or hate. Although plenty of enthusiasts have come to love their exaggerated proportions and quirky expressions.

A large part of these dolls’ appeal is their almost infinite customizability. Creator go to extraordinary lengths; re-rooting the hair, re-painting the lips, replacing the eyechips, repainting the skin, and sand-matting or spray finish matting the faces. The result are dolls that are truly unique, and serve as a form of self-expression for their owners. In this way Emma Mount’s works are not only a portrait of the dolls themselves, but a reflection of their creators.

The BrideSombre Town
Sandrine: The SophisticatedSkyline: The Sleepy
Signorina: The VagueWednesday's Child
Zazie: The LostRaddish
Penny LaneManga: The Kawaii Badass
Hom Che Che: The ExtrovertMemphis: The Kitsch
Cosmic GirlParis: The Enigmatic
Juno: The WildOf Little Dreamers
Lady Gaga: The RealHello Kitty
Erin: The Jerk-faceEsmeralda Esperanza Is Pure Love
Elliot: The PensiveDorothy
Clarabel: The MysteriousCostanza: The Irreplaceable
Briony: The FashionistaLola Labang Laments

Ballet: The Pink Lover

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