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Dot Paintings by Yoyoi Kusama

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Yoyoi Kusama is the kind of artist who needs little introduction. Her distinctive visual style based on the repetition of dots has seen expression in every possible medium throughout a career lasting over sixty years. Over this time Kusama have both pioneered and embraced the changing art movements of pop art, surrealism, minimalism and conceptual art. At the same time Kusama has remained an outsider creating deeply personal work.

But this vivid inner world has been both an inspiration and a burden, and Kusama has struggled with mental illness throughout her life. Today she voluntarily resides in a mental institution in Japan. And yet despite this she’s created an incredible body of work, and is recognized internationally as one of the major artists of the 20th century.

This is Part One focussing on her dot paintings, Part Two, will feature her installations and sculpture.

Pics via Poul Webb Art Blog, ARTBoom and Queensland Art Gallery.


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