Origami Cupcake

Gothic Masterpieces by Takato Yamamoto

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The work of Takato Yamamoto is a careful balance between horror and beauty. Yamamoto has a knack for drawing gore beautifully, and bone and flesh is as delicately rendered as his doll-faced characters. Intricately detailed pieces with delicate linework show the influences of Art Nouveau with manga, and  Ukiyo-e, Japanese woodblock prints. The result is seductively beautiful gothic works.


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  1. Posted on May 7, 2012 by Sara Durantini

    Amazing! I love this artist. I wrote about Takato Yamamoto and I analized the similarities between his San Sebastiano and the same painting of Andrea Mantegna http://corsierincorsi.blogspot.it/2011/10/erotismo-decadentismo-e-bondage-larte.html

  2. Posted on September 3, 2012 by Arthur Tribuzi

    sublime! ^^

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