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Personal Announcement: I’m Back (Normal Broadcasting Will Resume Shortly)

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So I’m back from my trip to the US. While I’d initially thought this trip would involve a lot of time in the Magic Kingdom, it ended up involving a lot less Disney and a lot more Japan. After putting up my earlier announcement we changed our plans to add a few days in San Francisco, which meant trips to Japan Town, New People, and San Francisco’s historic Japanese Tea Garden. If this sounds a bit one-sided I assure you I also did plenty of non-Japan related activities.

Since I’m a bit isolated here in Macedonia this trip was a great opportunity for me to visit some San Francisco galleries, meet people and discuss my work. In particular I have to make a shout out to  Micah Lebrun at 111 Minna Gallery for his comments and advice. All in all it was an amazing trip, but the constant running around, not to mention a grueling 48 hour transit time home, has left me exhausted. I promise normal broadcasting will resume shortly.

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