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Doll: Extra Details in Progress

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Edit: This work has been completed.
Follow each step in the  making of this work:  Linework ColoringShading and Highlights and Extra Details and Final Atmospheric Shading.

Just a quick post today. After I finished the shading and highlights I wanted to add some extra detail to the fabric of the kimono. Since these details won’t be drawn in black, they can be done after the rest of the linework is finished. For the design I chose a peacock feather motif with a geometric design on the obi to balance it out. Incidentally Kimono Nagoya is my favorite online resource for kimono inspiration.

Here I’m trying some out some variations of the design:



The rough linework of the design over the color image:

The finished design drawn out neatly. The peacock feathers are supposed to look like they’re sewn out of gold thread:

And that’s it.  look forward to the next post which will focus on light effects to finish up the artwork.

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