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Doll: Shading and Highlights in Progress

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Edit: This work has been completed.
Follow each step in the  making of this work:  Linework ColoringShading and Highlights and Extra Details and Final Atmospheric Shading.

You’d be forgiven for forgetting all about this illustration. It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted any updates on this work, and I must confess that it’s actually already finished, I’ve just been too busy to post anything.

But getting back to the work in progress, this is where I left off, after finishing the basic color of the image. But the flat colors look rather terrible without any shadows and highlights. So let’s get started.

Note that if you want more detailed information about the technical process of working with Illustrator check out my series of Tutorials which break it down step by step in more detail.

To begin with I just draw out the shadows roughly:

Then I slowly go over my work and smooth out all the lines, changing the light blue shadows to a dark blue as I complete each section.
When all the shading is dark blue I know I’m done:

To draw the highlights I draw a rectangle over the illustration to fill it with a medium hue. This lets me draw over the image in white for the highlights.
This is some messy drawing:

I made the background even darker so I can see the highlights better.
I’m using a combination of white and yellow to distinguish between rough areas that are still being worked on and finished sections.
At this stage the curtain is finished, while most of the rest of the image still needs a lot of work:

Here’s the finished shadows and highlights together.
There’s a bit of an overlap between the figure and the curtain, but this is not a problem because of how I’ve structured the layers of my image.
Effectively the color of the curtain will cover up the highlights below it:

Although I highly discourage changing the composition in the middle of working in artwork it is something I do occasionally.
In this case I felt that the curtain looked too small in relation to the figure.
Because these elements were on separate layers I decided it wouldn’t be too much work to adjust the image slightly.
Can you see the difference?


And I’m done with the basic shading ^_^

The next post will focus on adding more detail to the kimono.

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