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“Picnic on the Grass” Featured as a Daily Deviation

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Yesterday I received a happy surprise when my artwork “Picnic on the Grass” was featured as a Daily Deviantion for the 17th of April, on DeviantArt. DeviantArt is a massive site with a lot of talented artists so I’m really happy to be singled out. But even more gratifying is all the positive feedback I received from people who saw my work.

A massive “Thank you!” is due to everyone who commented, faved or added me to their watch list. Everyday I work in relative isolation, so the unexpected attention and kind words left me smiling and blushing at my computer screen. While it might be a small thing to fave an artwork, getting that positive feedback is a reminder of why I’m doing what I do.
Thank you ^_^

Check out my DeviantArt profile here, and if you have a DeviantArt account of your own just list it in the comments and I’ll add you to my watch list.

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