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Japan Trip Tokyo: Odaiba, Harajuku, Shibuya & Fireworks

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Here’s part two of my stay in Tokyo. Check out my previous post for pictures of Ueno, Akihabara and Tsukiji. I’m not going to repeat myself, so check out that post if you’re interested in my itinerary and hotel details. Now onto the pictures…


Odaiba is a large area of reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay, known for a number of attractions like the Future Museum and the massive Ferris wheel.

Recently Odaiba became home to a giant Gundam Robot:

The massive Ferris wheel:

The view from the Ferris wheel:


This area is world-famous for it’s street fashion. Countless unique hole-in-the-wall boutiques give the area it’s local flavor, but there are also plenty of designer brand stores.

The entrance to Takeshita Dori:

So full of people!

This colorfully dressed girl was busy working. In Japan “shop girls” are considered really important ambassadors for the brand they represent.

Plenty of accessories:

A young lady looking stylish in kimono:

The crossing outside the Omohara Tokyu Plaza:


The area is also known for its stylish architecture:

Kiddyland is filled with six floors filled with adorable character merchandise:

The Hello Kitty floor:

Designer vinyl:

Plenty of One Piece goods:

There are plenty of international brands like Sponge Bob and Miffy too:

After dark the stores close up:

A young couple dressed stylishly in yukata for a festival:

The view of the station from Jingu Bridge:

Meiji Shrine:

It was a Sunday and we saw two brides at the shrine. Here’s one of the wedding parties coming out after the ceremony:

In the front are shrine maidens in red, while behind is the groom, his bride and her mother. The bride is wearing a traditional white wedding kimono:


Shibuya is home of the massive Shibuya crossing as well as a lot of shopping & entertainment options.

We took a walk to the dodgy side of town by Love Hotel Hill. Do these guys look like yakuza to you?

Sumida River Fireworks Festival

We were a bit late to get there so it was already crowded, but luckily we still managed to find a good spot.

Everyone’s sitting and waiting for the fireworks to start:

The festival had about a continuous hour of absolutely massive fireworks.

That’s it for Tokyo. But there’s still Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka to go.

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  1. Posted on November 5, 2012 by Jessica Ballantyne

    Brilliant photos!! hope you got some inspiration!:):)

    • Posted on November 5, 2012 by Origami Cupcake

      More like sensory overload! I was a great experience though ^_^

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